Coming to the Solana blockchain
May 29th 2022

"Earn SOL while giving back to endangered animals"

About Us

House of Leone is a collection of 7,777 lions, living and breathing on the Solana blockchain. We’re a collection devoted to a very real cause, with sights on making a difference on the dwindling population of lions in the wild.

We’re putting the Lion back in its rightful place, King of the Jungle. But one jungle isn’t enough for a cat so mighty, so the next stop is the blockchain.


Stage 1: Forming the Pack

The start of our project involves bringing together a community of supporters that align themselves with our vision. We’re on a mission to make a difference, and that isn’t something that we can do on our own.

Our community will be built upon shared values, which we’ll spread across various social media platforms including Twitter and Discord.

Stage 2: Into the Wild

House of Leone mint will be segmented into a presale and public mint, giving favorable opportunities to the members of our community that show the most dedication. Potential holders can get on our whitelist by participating in certain giveaways and activities.

Public mint will still give enough opportunity for anyone to get involved, at a still reasonable price point.

Stage 3: Giving Back

We are eager to give back to our community, and the wider world in line with our mission. Our charitable efforts will start with a donation to African Parks: Conserving Africa’s Last Remaining Wildlife Areas.

After this, we’ll be providing a range of victory prizes for our holders to display our gratitude, as well as showing our excitement for what is yet to come.


Stage 4: A New Home

The next stage on our journey will be the development of our Dens collection. This collection will be initially made exclusively available to holders of our genesis NFT using a presale, with options for public mint in the future.

Our Dens collection will generate exciting opportunities for the future of the collection and offer promising prospects for the long term.

Stage 5: The Future

Our leap into the Metaverse will be made using the Dens collection, which will allow holders to claim a certain spot within our metaverse land to build upon. Using this, and our genesis NFTs, we’ll be able to build a social space with the input of our holders, and continue developing our collection.

We’ll continue to use secondary revenue to build up a community wallet, which will be fractionally controlled by our holders to decide on the next move.

Meet The Team


House of Leone is a Solana NFT project with our first collection being 7,777 lions with unique traits that have arrived in the metaverse after destruction of their homeland.
Being a member of House of Leone will grant you exclusive benefits such as member only giveaways, airdrops, lottery/raffles, a vote in how to allocate funds for future stages of the project, and MORE!
Join our discord server & follow our Twitter page to participate in giveaways, raffles, and events to get on the WL.

May 29, 2022 – WL Sale: 3:00pm UTC; Public Sale: 4:00pm UTC

Whitelist: 1 SOL Public: 1.5 SOL

Mint will happen on Hyperspace Launchpad – Follow our Twitter & Discord for official link